How’s everyone doing? We’ve been going through our frequently asked questions, and the most common question is “How do we get to the office?” We get it, it could be complicated because even though we are attached to the main building, our entrance is outside off on the Northeast side of the building.

So, to help out anybody that is having trouble finding our address, here’s a quick video that shows just where we are. As always, we’ll be waiting to answer any mortgage questions to help you in your home owning goals!

Therefore, just as the video says, the client should turn on Stockdale towards Montclair and the building will be at the first left where our sign is. There is even a little parking lot right in front. The address is 4700 Stockdale Hwy, Suite 101 in Bakersfield.

In conclusion, we hope the video was helpful! Go ahead and comment below with any further questions that you may have, or just give a shout out! Or if you like, you could contact the team for more information or to set an appointment. Thank you, and have a great day everybody!